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Santa Margherita


Santamargherita® was founded in the mid-20th century and has been handed down from generation to generation with deep roots originating from Valpolicella, Italy – a fascinating land stretching between Garda Lake and Verona, where the Santamargherita® headquarters remain after upwards of 50 years.

They have a mission and vision of dedicating themselves and the company to providing creative and sustainable alternatives replicating palladiana flooring, famously known as ‘poor man’s paving’. This has remained unchanged. Whether the shades of stone from Veneto or the painted fresco of Venice, each surface was born from Italy’s rich landscape and culture.

The natural beauty of marble and a colour palette inspired by the region have led to a timeless yet modern collection to fit all design applications.

As the Australian distributor for Santamargherita®, we at Vero Galleria share the same company values and beliefs in providing the industry with elegant, innovative, and sustainable alternatives.

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Research, Development & Certification

Santamargherita® prides itself on constantly evolving research for innovative and environmentally respectful materials. A key part of Santamargherita®’s success originates from having their own internal cutting-edge research and development laboratory, where they can control and test all new and existing raw materials. This has enabled Santamargherita® to lead the way in developing highly low silica products within their SM Marble range.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to sustainable building has achieved a nomination as an Ordinary Member of the Green Building Council Italia, which promotes innovative building processes through leadership in energy and environmental design certification.




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